Nordic Noir Nature Art draws its inspiration from the purposefulness of the Nordic Scandinavian nature and forms of life as well as the mental landscape of people in the north. The Scandinavian ‘dark mental landscape’ is not pessimism or gloom but a deep and devoted emotional relationship with the surrounding world. This has been expressed in Finnish and Scandinavian arts, music, design and movies throughout their history.

NNNA is a creation of Harri Mähönen, a Finnish nature photographer and business coach (born 1968). He has been engaged in the photography of Scandinavian nature since the 1970’s. Nordic Noir Nature Art decoration pictures are drawn from his photo archives of tens of thousands of photos, and this number continues to grow. Harri takes photographs mostly in Eastern and Northern Finland as well as in the Finnmark and Tromsø areas of Northern Norway. Light in the north is in its most delicate form especially in November and December. This is when Scandinavian minimalism is in its most concrete state.

Using nature photographs, Harri Mähönen wants to express the deepest feelings of Finnish and Scandinavian live and mental landscape, based on the Great Story of life and the eternal circulation of life. And the purpose of this journey is not to reach a destination but to experience short, touching and insightful moments on the way.

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