Terms of Order And Delivery

Agreement for the processing of your personal data

By placing an order, you give your approval for the processing of your personal data. See our privacy statement here.

1. Customer information

When placing an order, you must provide your name, email address, delivery address and telephone number. Customer information is confidential and will not be handed over to third parties.

2. Prices and product information

Product prices are shown with product information. Our product prices include VAT at the applying rate. A breakdown of VAT is shown on the order confirmation. The list prices do not include delivery unless otherwise stated in product information. Delivery price depends on the selected method of delivery. The prices only apply to orders placed using the shopping cart on the Nordic Noir Nature Art Oy (NNNA) website. All product and price information are non-binding and NNNA reservers the right to make changes to price and product information and, in cases of possible delivery difficulties,  to cancel the deal, and in this case the seller’s responsibility is restricted to the cancellation and termination of the deal.

The prices can be seen in different currencies. Currency rates are indicative and the final payment will be done in euros.

3. Methods of delivery, delivery times and fees

The normal delivery time for our products is 2-4 weeks. We always aim to make delivery as fast as possible. We will be in contact with the customer as soon as possible by email or phone if we realise that the delivery will take a longer time than usually.

The customer is responsible for any duties and the clearance of an ordered product.

4. Methods of payment

Our payment transfer service and payment service provider is Paytrail Oyj (2122839-7) in cooperation with Finnish banks and credit institutions. Paytrail Oyj is shown as the payment recipient on an account statement or card invoice, and it transfers the payment to the seller. Paytrail Oyj is a licensed payment institution. In cases of complaint, please send your complaint primarily to NNNA.

Paytrail Oyj, business ID: 2122839-7

Innova 2

Lutakonaukio 7

40100 Jyväskylä

Telephone: +358 (0)20 718 1830


5. Returns

If you return a product, it must be intact and unchanged. You must always send a notice of any returns by email to info@nnna.fi.

We give our customers a free return right of 30 days in Europe. You can return one order per year free of charge. If you order more than once a year from us, you can only return one order for free. For your next return, you must pay the delivery fees yourself.

Outside of Europe, the sale of our products is governed by the consumer protection laws of each country, and returns will be agreed on with each customer separately.

In Europe, returns are free of charge for customers except for the following cases:

– The customer has already made a free return during the year in question.

– The weight of the return packages exceeds 30kg.

– Failure to collect an ordered product is not considered a cancellation of order. You must always send a notice of cancellation.

If some of these apply, we will charge the real freight expenses from the customer.

You must always send a notice of cancellation in advance. If you have not sent a notice or a package is returned to us due to a failure to collect it, we will charge the return expenses from the customer.

Return of campaign purchases: In some campaigns, discount depends on the total amount of the order. In partial returns, the total amount of an order changes and the discount is calculated based on the new total amount.

You can return a product as follows:

Contact us befor returning a product. We will provide you with the needed information for the return.

NOTE: return right does not apply to custom products.

6. Customer complaints

Please send all customer complaints related to an order or delivery within fourteen (14) days from the receipt of the order by email to info@nnna.fi.

7. Responsibilities

NNNA is not responsible for any personal or property damages caused by our products. When it comes to hangable products, we include fasteners appropriate for the products as well as fastening instructions in the package.

The buyer does not get any product rights or other similar rights to the pictures, and it is not allowed to make copies, republish or do anything similar in any way. Nordic Noir Nature Art Oy is the sole owner of all product rights and rights of use for the products.

8. Cancellation of order

A customer may cancel his or her order if the delivery has not been made in a reasonable time. You must inform us about order cancellation by sending email to info@nnna.fi. We always aim to inform our customers by email or telephone if the delivery time differs from normal. NNNA reserves the right to cancel an order, in which case the money will be returned to the customer immediately.

9. Disputes

Any disputes will be settled in District Court of Northern Savonia.

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