The Story

Through photos, Nordic Noir Nature Art tells stories about the endless struggle for balance between life and death, light and darkness, and force and counterforce (jing & jang).

Balance is the fundamental force of nature, and balance is what nature always eventually achieves. Living beings cannot change this force but they must adjust to it. This also applies to mankind.

In the north, this balance is delicate and all living beings constantly thrive to find it. Autumn brings death to the nature. Winter brings coldness and all living beings must fight to survive the winter. Spring gives new life, and summer is the time of intense and passionate life.

This circulation is repeated year after year, century after century. Although we know that death will come eventually, all living beings continue their lives regardless. This sense of staying alive and survival makes us continue our unexplained journey towards the next round in the great circuit of life.

All living beings born to die and to become food of some other living being. At the same time, everything has a purpose as a part of an incomprehensible entity. The randomness and systematical nature of everything, the beauty and ruthlessness of nature, and the force that creates and destroys life with a purpose is beyond our comprehension. We can only follow, be amazed and admire the great continuity and the encounter of the balances of great forces.

Nordic Noir Nature Art wants to play its part, no matter how small that part may be, in telling stories about the appearance of this greatness in the little things where it can be seen.

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