The Pictures

Nordic Noir Nature Art uses only the finest and highest quality of materials for its decoration pictures. To get the best out of the sophisticated expression in the pictures, and taking durability considerations into account, the best solution for all of our pictures is a combination of aluminium and acrylic. The pictures are not meant to have separate frames. The possible print sizes are listed in a drop-down menu in the details of each picture.

A picture consists of an aluminium sheet of 1-3mm on which the picture has been printed. On top of this, we have placed an acrylic surface of 3mm which protects the picture in all conditions. The thickness of all finished pictures is 4-6mm, and they are ready to be hung on the wall. The paintings are delivered in appropriate packages that contain a solution for hanging (3M Picture Hanging Strips). Buyers must follow the instructions included in the packages.  If the delivery does not contain this kind of a separate package, the picture has a metal fastener attached to it for hanging on the wall.

However, if you want to have some other material than our sophisticated acrylic-aluminium print for your decoration picture or some other size than our proposed sizes or without the Nordic Noir Nature Art on the front side, please send us email:

When purchasing a Nordic Noir Nature Art decoration picture, please notice that they are made of real photos. For this reason, all parts of the pictures are not completely sharp and technically perfect. There may also be some intentional noise (granularity) in the pictures. All pictures are from real situations and we have not used double exposure, nor have we added or removed any photo elements in or from the pictures. The round watermark that is visible in some sample pictures is not included in any delivered pictures.

Every Nordic Noir Nature Art decoration picture is delivered with the official Nordic Noir Nature Art signature of authenticity, printed on the backside. The signature contains the serial number of the picture, date and the signature of the photographer. If your picture does not have these, please contact us immediately:

We wish our decoration pictures will bring more enjoyment to your life!

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